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BJD Stuff (and BJDs) for sale. Please check it out.


Selling some dolls and doll goods on my ebay. Please signal boost.

Doll Family Fox, Coffee/Light Tan Bobobie Sprite, MSD clothes, SD clothes, and Enchanted Doll Resin Eyes. 

If you have any questions please PM me on ebay to discuss further. At this time I am not able to afford to trade unless it is for something I really want or need. I will consider trading the Doll Family Fox for a Pluto Dolls Ezekiel head in any color directly. I will consider trading clothes/accessories for equal value, I’m considering 6-7 or 7-8 doll wigs in white, silver, or light gray, slim MSD clothes (no handmades unless they are really good quality please).


I drilled into his forehead from the inside so I could mount the magnets in his temples instead of in his headcap.  They still feel a little high, so I might play with it some more.  The magnets are only hot glued in, so I can still move them if I feel I need to.   Poor thing needs his own wig and eyes, too. I like this combo aesthetically, but it doesn’t feel like “him”.

Carver [Doll Family A, Practice Head for Dollism 9]


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Some photo edit tests using old pictures, I still got a lot to learn TT ^ TT


Little Rebel by AyuAna on Flickr.

Faceup Walkthrough #3: Migidoll Miho


After complaining about hating my brown eyebrows I may have figured it out, at least a little bit. This still won’t help me painting blondes, though.

But on to the walkthrough!

Start with a blank head. I actually first attempted to paint this doll last night. The can of sealant I was…




ღ´´¯`•.¸¸¸ღ Beautiful ღ´´¯`•.¸¸¸ღ


omg omg omg!



It’s really easy!

Is simply a rectangle. You need only two measure: 

•GF = Hips (Giro Fianchi in italian)

• LT = Total Length

Then take the GF and double it, more or less.

(for example, if the GF is 12cm, create a rectangle of 20-24 cm)

More the rectangle is wide, more curled become the skirt.

Usually I put 1,5cm for seam allowances.

★1★ : Cut the rectangle.

★2 & 3★ : Finishing the edges.

★4★: Iron the hem. Is useful for avoid to baste it!

★5-6-7★ Sewing on the hem the lace you like!

★8-9★ Sewing the two sides together. 

★10-11★ Now sewing in tubular the waist, being careful to leave a piece behind open.

★12★: Now take your elastic and cut a piece. I cut 10 cm for my yosd (include seam allowance).

★13★: Take the two tiny S.P. and use it to pass the elastic inside the waist.

★14 & 15★: Use one S.P. like a guide for insert the elastic, and the other one for hold the end of the elastic.

★16-17-18★ Once you have inserted the elastic, sew the two ends together, and sew the small part left open.

To avoid that (19), hand sewing like pic 20 show. 

Voilà! Your pretty skirt is done!

Now the best part….. free your imagination and decorate it!


Look, there’s a tutorial for ruffled skirts!
(made by my friends, too! She’s great!)

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