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I’m breakable, unbreakable; going insane, unable to lose my mind:

I’ve found you!

Vito : The Gem soom Dia white skin male.
faceup by asainemuri   <3 
Jex: The gem male dia brown skin.
Faceup by: Dr Krow <3


Before we beginby    Dollxy

So here is my little cutie Cherry, his back-story is going to be posted today which I’m finally doing and happy about!
Cherry and I have a special bound he’s the first member of my crew my little buddy, been by my side for 7 years and 6 months! ;3;
He’s I did everything with bjd related and art related, I’m so happy I kept him around.
How did I come up with his name? after I got him off of the company I was thinking of a name for him while I was eating cherries and there is where his name came from, round head and rounded eyes just like cherries, red and bright… … 


Cherry : Luts kid delf Bory.
faceup by 
asainemuri   <3  


WIP - Mermaid project (doll belongs to yasminbjd)

Anonymous: Just wondering when you buy a doll do you have to string it yourself or cause I'm looking to buy my first doll and I hear stringing them can be a nightmare at times

Dear Anon !

Most companies sell their dolls strung and ready, unless specified so. If someone is selling you a doll second hand sometimes they give you the option :). If you don’t feel confident to get an unstrung doll, check / ask the seller before hand :)

Stringing a doll for the first time it’s a bit scary but it’s not as hard as one is to believe, it takes times and patience but it’s not impossible :) I done a few of my boys already and they are all holding fine :) !

I hope it helps ! Have a lovely day/night !

Here’s an other photostory. This time around Spice and Elliot will
Be the protagonist. I mean every single one of my characters is different so I find photo stories as a nice way to show tiny bits of their personalities. Yet in the end a stories are connected and run into a timeframe :) !

This time around we see that even liberal lovers like these two have some issues…

The theme is pg13 ish so I’ll tag it under nsfw for anyone that does not want to see it and would like to block it :)

Hope you like it ! Enjoy !

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Eyes on you ….


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{Teddyception} ~ There’s only one more left. I made him some padded teddy ears (♥ó㉨ò)ノ♡

" kiss me until we are no longer two, but one soul sharing two bodies…I love you "

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